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Embrace your love for baking and cooking with the Food Heaven magazine series.

Each month recieve a seasonal edition of one of our three popular titles – Cupcake Heaven, Cake Decoration Heaven and Baking Heaven – on a rotational basis. It's like getting a new recipe book every month with up to 101 cupcake and baking recipes or 50 cake decorating projects perfectly suited to the time of year.

Whether you are an amateur or professional baker, learn new techniques or perfect your skills to make the most of your baking efforts with Food Heaven.

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Food Heaven indulges all your sweet baking needs. Incorporating the titles Cupcake Heaven, Baking Heaven and Cake Decoration Heaven on a seasonal rotational basis, the series features four issues of each title per year.

Cupcake Heaven – Packed with 101 delicious seasonal recipes, plus baker interviews, essential cupcake tips and techniques, this is your must-have guide to baking and decorating cupcakes that look just as good as they taste.

Baking Heaven – Your essential guide to baking sweet treats, including 101 mouthwatering recipes every issue, plus baking interviews, step-by-step basic techniques, features and much more. From making pastry to perfecting the art of macaroons, Baking Heaven helps you take your baking skills to the next level.

Cake Decoration Heaven – Aimed at beginner to intermediate cake decorators, Cake Decoration Heaven features 50 step-by-step projects, expert interviews, Q&A’s and essential techniques for all your decorating needs. Discover how to make the perfect toppers, mini cakes, celebration cakes, tiered cakes and much more every issue.

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